In 1992 the BBC ran a story about a collection of formerly top secret Nazi war files that were being released to the public by the Argentinean government.

What was in these files?

The identities of some 20,000 former Nazis who’d been smuggled into Argentina by Roman Catholic priests at the end of World War II. Among those finding safe-haven in Argentina were some of the biggest butchers of all time: Klaus Barbie, Josef Mengele, Ante Pavelich, Adolf Eichmann, et al.

Let’s be clear here: I am no Nazi hunter, no Simon Wiesenthal and certainly no Simon Wiesenthal wannabe. Possessing neither bodyguards nor weapons, I never dreamed when I turned my life over to Christ in 1972 that the study of Bible prophecy would take me to Argentina to handle War files. Packing indelible memories, this faith journey was the major catalyst behind the accompanying article: Who Really bombed Pearl Harbor?


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