"God does not guide me," Luther wrote, "He pushes me forward. He carries me away. I am not master of myself. I desire to live in repose; but I am thrown into the midst of tumults and revolutions."
The (New, Illustrated) Great Controversy, pages 126, 127.

That's precisely how I've felt at times.

Had I not stuck my head in the sand? For an entire year had I not chosen to ignore the ongoing fraud surrounding The Great Hope? Was that prudence, cowardice, or merely the knee-jerk reaction of a battle-weary layman seeking repose?

I was, after all, only one man (so I reasoned). Surely God could find others willing to tackle this scam. After a year of careful avoidance, however, that nagging, throbbing impulse to surface – to lift my head out of the sand – finally overtook me.

Peeking over the fence, I’d discover that during this year of retooling God’s challenge to Islam and Judaism (that’s what I’d been doing) the Great Hope scam had continued unabated. Extending into new fields, there seemed to be no stopping this runaway train.

What did God want of me?

For that matter, how did I know God wanted me to tackle this issue at all?

When asked the latter question recently, I could only point to Nehemiah as my defense.


Unlike Paul, I’ve had no Damascus Road with its voice and blinding light to assure me of God’s call. Unlike Moses, I have no burning bush to which I can point; no instructions to take off my shoes, no rod in my hand. And unlike Samuel, I’ve got no Eli to interpret for me. All I have urging me forward is my conscience.


“How could I be content to live comfortably (in the king’s palace, no less) serving him wine, while Jerusalem, the city of my fathers, lies in ruins?”

That sense of privilege in the midst of desperate want was the voice of Nehemiah’s conscience talking to him – and that’s what constituted his call!

  • No light guided him.
  • No audible voice called him.
  • We read of no supernatural awe surrounding him as the sacred purpose to do something about Jerusalem’s desperate condition overtook him.

In fact, if anything surrounded Nehemiah it was his sense of sinfulness and the sinfulness of his fathers. (See Nehemiah 1:6). Nevertheless the whole enterprise was of God! God behind the impulse! God behind the itch to leave his comfort-zone! The success of his mission attested to it.

So back to the question: how do I know God is calling me to do anything about this Great Hope scam?

Like Nehemiah, all I have is my conscience … and a growing sense of outrage as I watch the leadership of the Seventh-day Adventist Church pull off what is perhaps the biggest scam in the 150 year history of the church.

Sort of like Luther with the Pope’s indulgences – the whole thing was a scam, even though authorized by the so-called Vicar of Christ!

When Luther refused to give absolution to those who approached him with their newly bought certificates of indulgence, many, we’re told, “repaired to Tetzel with the complaint that their confessor had refused his certificates; and some boldly demanded that their money be returned to them.The (New, Illustrated) Great Controversy, page 129.

Demands for a refund! Believe it or not, we just received an e-mail from Australia informing us that the same thing is happening with the Great Hope too. As they scrutinize this so called “sharing edition” of The Great Controversy – and realize that everything inimical to the Roman Catholic Church has been stripped from it – outraged Seventh-day Adventists are demanding their money back.

How many? I have no idea (nor should we expect the General Conference to tell us), but it’s great to know the eyes of some are being opened, for the whole thing is just crooked, crooked, crooked! At its heart are fraudulent advertising and a gutted message, no matter how many sermons Ted Wilson preaches in its defense!

So what does God want of me?

Acting on the impulse to write, I'd find out fairly quickly.The script for our new DVD (Should Ted Wilson Be Impeached?) took barely two weeks to complete. A month later we'd record it. Editing it, however, has proven time consuming and costly. Yet interestingly, we hadn't even finished editing the first three chapters (there are eight) when the itch to write kicked in again. 


Wasn't the DVD sufficient? 

Evidently not! 

Heaven, it seemed, needed an even more unabashed declaration of war against The Great Hope.

Why the urgency? 

One visitor to our website explained it best, stating: 

"In some minds the damage being done to the real Great Controversy might already be irreparable, for if non-Seventh-day Adventists read what they believe is a sincere summary of The Great Controversy (i.e.,The Great Hope) and find it as nauseatingly bland as it is, then what incentive will there be for them to read the original?"

Well said!

Making matters worse, as of October 2013 (according to figures published by The General Conference) over 100 million copies of The Great Hope had already been distributed across the world.

How many Seventh-day Adventists plowed money into this scam, God only knows, but even if each book only costs 50 cents to publish and distribute, that means the leadership will have pulled this scam off while raising at least $50 million dollars, mostly from faithful, unsuspecting members! 

In some Divisions, not one copy of The Great Controversy has been published. Let that sink in, please. I said in some Divisions (most notably the South American Division, where at least 80 million copies of The Great Hope have been distributed) not one copy of The Great Controversy has seen the light of day. All this, mind you, as part of the falsely labeled "Great Controversy Project!"

What utter fraud! Clearly something drastic needs to be done. 

In addition to the weapons outlined in our DVD, one more popped into my head in recent weeks. To rip this piece of fraud to shreds, I now believe heaven needs nothing short of the type of nuclear explosion that a series of thoughtfully worded ads will create. Did not Luther demonstrate this when he nailed his 95 theses to Wittenberg's castle church door in 1517?

Eminently successful: the location, the placard, the words, the nails (and/or the glue that held that placard in place) all these combined to produce outdoor advertising at its finest – nay, outdoor advertising on steroids! Thanks to Luther’s bold challenge and Gutenberg’s new invention (the printing press) within two weeks those theses had spread across Germany. Within two months they'd spanned Europe. 

No internet. No smart-phones. Just outrage – and one small billboard!

Later Luther would write:

“I never work better than when I am inspired by anger; for when I am angry, I can write, pray, and preach well, for then my whole temperament is quickened, my understanding sharpened, and all mundane vexations and temptations depart.”

And what did God produce with Luther’s anger? The greatest revival since Pentecost – the Protestant Reformation!

May that sink into our heads!

Could God be waiting for His church to get sufficiently angry over what is transpiring in it today … before He pours His Holy Spirit upon us? Or could current outrage over The Great Hope scam be the surest sign that the Holy Spirit is already falling?


At any rate, with Luther’s precedent before us and with production of our new DVD well underway, we set about going one step further in our declaration of war by designing an ad for the masses – an ad the primary focus of which would be not to condemn, but to educate.

First one ad, then another popped into my head. There could be more to come too (as many as are necessary, actually, depending on the city or country being targeted) but I've settled on two for now. Both ads revolve around history. Both draw attention to chapters of The Great Controversy that have been shamelessly gutted by the editors of The Great Hope. 

Resurrecting the hot-button terms "inquisition" and "antichrist," our first ad is below. Having already received approval for it from the lawyers for the newspaper to which it was submitted, we plan unleashing it just as soon as we can raise the $3,000 required.

Where will it run? Here’s a clue – it’ll run in a country of three million, 64% of whom classify themselves as Christians.

Give up?

Then read the ad and see. It’s not terribly lengthy, just one page.

  • Luther? He's in there.
  • America and her First Amendment? They're in there. 
  • So too are Daniel 7 and the change of the Sabbath. 

Saying more in six paragraphs than The Great Hope does in 92 pages, this first ad teaches where the counterfeit dances, twirls, dodges and hides.

Two million Protestants and Catholics reside in this country, yet I'd wager most know little or nothing about their denomination's initial stance vis-a-vis the antichrist. 

It's our job to remind them, is it not?

That's what The Great Controversy is all about, is it not?

That's what The Great Hope is trying so desperately to avoid, is it not?

"Educate! Educate! Educate!" This was the burden on Sister White's heart. With your help, our little ministry intends doing precisely that. Ponder the principle below, please. It has inspired me for years.

“And Jonathan said to the young man that bare his armor, Come, and let us go over unto the garrison of these uncircumcised: it may be that the Lord will work for us: for there is no restraint to the Lord to save by many or by few.” 1 Samuel 14:6

So what if I only have an armor-bearer beside me? God can still work miracles through us – the Bible says so!

Pray with us, please, that the lessons contained in our first ad will be well received, well learned by the multitudes – most of whom will probably be reading these things for the very first time. Pray with us too that if it is God’s will, both our ads and DVD will help swell to the predicted crescendo the final invitation issued by God to man:

"Come out of her my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues." Revelation 18:4.


Before we close, I ought to tell you that there’s another Great Controversy scam taking place as we speak. I’d been notified about it over a year ago, but having only one focus at the time (i.e., God’s challenge to Islam and Judaism) I only found time to look into it after I was reminded about it last week.

This scam is occurring in China where an edition of The Great Controversy favorable to Roman Catholicism has been published.

By whom?

I don’t yet know.

What we do know is that among the most glaring distortions of this book has been the removal of Ellen White’s reference to the Jesuits as being “the most cruel, unscrupulous, and powerful of all the champions of popery.” In its place is language that praises the Jesuits to high heaven as successful evangelists.

I’m not quite sure what to make of this, but our second ad is tailor-made for this piece of fraud. Not only does this ad point to a chapter of Jesuit history (i.e., The Gunpowder Plot) that refutes the claims of this new counterfeit, it also points to the video just posted at our website about the Jesuit Order (Should Ted Wilson Be Impeached: Part 3.)

Can you imagine even 1% of China’s population responding to an ad and watching that video? Friend, that’s 13,500,000 souls!

Is this why God had us design this ad? Is it for the Chinese?

How will it work on the internet?

In China, how much freedom of speech is tolerated?

We’ll look into all this, of course. Right now, however, our focus is on halting the publication of The Great Hope in its tracks. This counterfeit is no doubt being printed on Adventist presses and, as I’ve already indicated, with a serious outlay of Adventist dollars to boot. How can any red-blooded Seventh-day Adventist sit still now?

I suspect I’d better stop here, but I hope I’ve already said enough for you to …

Join the fight. Help stop the fraud. Urge us forward.


P.S.  What’s happening to our project to challenge Islam with Isaiah 41:23?

It’s very much on the front burner. In fact, both ads mentioned in this article have been designed to lead millions to our website. Once there, they’ll not only be able to watch videos, but also purchase Time For The Loud Cry, the 3-CD set outlining our strategy for reaching Islam. We’ve put the link to these CDs right smack at the top of our home-page.

At $20 per set, 5,000 sets sold are all it’ll take to get us to Israel to film God’s challenge. We’ll find out soon just how successful this strategy is too, for once our first ad runs, I’d be disappointed with anything under 50,000 new visitors to our website. No, I’m being neither imaginative nor fanciful, for with very little advertising, one of our videos has already been watched by over 100,000 visitors. The internet is simply incredible! Pray for us, beloved. We could be on the verge of some truly stupendous developments.




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