We opened our doors in July 1979 as Jesus Behind Bars. Preaching in prison and training volunteers – from Rikers Island to Soledad, Alderson to the Philippines – this was our forte. Along the way we funded three full-time prison chaplains, witnessed one execution and interviewed on camera the mass murderer Kenneth Bianchi, a.k.a. the ‘Hillside Strangler’. With others picking up the mantle and prison ministry now well established, after a decade we left the field to respond to yet another challenge, i.e., that of playing our part in safeguarding religious liberty.

We are Christians, yet with religious leaders in the 1980s bragging about the imminent take-over of the United States by the Church, we felt that danger too ominous to ignore. Ominous? Yes. If history has taught us anything it is this – give the Church political power and blood inevitably flows. Safeguarding the First Amendment in America’s Constitution became our passion. That Amendment (part of the Bill of Rights) opens thus:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment
of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.

The best thing we could do to safeguard this clause, we felt, was to educate as many as possible as to the lessons of history that warranted its inclusion in the Constitution. The tool best suited for the job? In our opinion, Ellen White’s 19th century classic: The Great Controversy. That book not only delineates the principles behind the larger tragedies of Western Civilization (The Inquisition, St. Bartholomew Massacre, etc.) it also, consistent with the Bible, predicts the eventual repudiation of America’s Constitution by a combination of forces determined to make America Christian. Bringing this book to the world is our goal.

Prison ministry, religious liberty, publishing and marketing our prize book – one would have thought these sufficiently challenging, but there was one thing missing in our resume. Q. What’s that? A. Every Ministry needs a foreign mission-field. In 2001 we adopted the island of Jamaica as ours and began ministering in the inner-city communities of Denham Town and Tivoli Gardens. Our latest quest? Turning inner-city killers and prostitutes into colporteurs. Watch video >>